Team gym - Mash two potatoes with one fork

Artificial intelligence has the artificial component as it relays on human wisdom.

In order to accelerate productivity and increase accuracy it require a constant feedback and attention just like any employee looking for attention and guidance from his manager in order to be successful in his new job.

We are happy to introduce you to the new "Team brain gym" feature where you can Mash two potatoes with one fork. By manually filling in the scorecards missing/non accurate detected events you'll not only correct the scorecards for QC purposes, but you'll also train your personal (Sedric) brain algorithm to perform better next time.

You can think of this feedback as a motivation and guidance to your new energetic team member :)

3 ways you can use the "Team gym"

Positive feedback- Let Sedric know when it's doing a good job by clicking the approve checkbox.

Text (transcription) feedback - manually copy/past the right transcription to complete the scorecard and train Sedric's mussels on the go.

Time stamp feedback - manually copy/past the timestamp to complete the scorecard and train Sedric's mussels on the go and let Sedric know he can do better.

Sedric is highly motivated but in order to get the most out of himself he need his daily gym session and constant feedback from his trainers :) Every workout counts. Enjoy the session .

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